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October 21 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 08:47 ]
Brooke and Riley pounding away on the huge dick of the party
Five friends decide to play spin the bottle. Two of them, Brooke and Riley, have one goal in mind: fuck Jordan by the end of the game. However, they have some competition (Nikki) who also has her eyes on Jordan. They all do their best to get him but in this game, only the sluttiest succeed...
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September 22 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 23:46 ]
Summer Bailey is the number one fan of big cocked men
Sexy teen getting ripped a new one by a hard cock
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September 03 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 16:21 ]
Lexi Belle gets a big dick for her party
It's Lexi Belle's birthday and she wants to go out to party with her friends, but her mom has other plans for her: she brings him Magician extraordinaire Scott "The Incredible" Nails. He turned out to be a pathetic magician with nothing too impressive. Good thing he could read her mind and gave her what he really want...
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August 20 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 19:13 ]
Paris Gable got no insurance so fucks to get off the hook
Paris Gable is fucked! She's responsible for a car accident and she doesn't have any insurance to cover Jordan's car's damage. She'll have to get it in the butt to get out of this one, and Jordan's big dick won't be easy to handle!
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July 09 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 09:49 ]
Elli Foxx jumps on the biggest cock shes ever had
Elli comes home early to meet up with her mom but nobody is home when she gets there. Fortunately, she keeps a spare key. Elli ends up walking in on her mom and Criss getting it on. Ashamed of her actions, Elli's mom leaves the room. Seeing the size of his cock Elli decides to continue her mom's work.
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June 24 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 07:12 ]
Hailey Young gets a clown with a big cock for her eighteenth birthday
It's Hailey's 18th birthday and all she wants is a big college guy cock. When she's about to leave for a party, her mom stops her and tells her she already made plans for the evening. She got her a party clown for the the eighteenth time. When Hailey finds out the clown is really a stripper, she takes advantage of the situation and lets him fuck her hard.
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June 18 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 09:05 ]
Audrianna Angel loves to fuck big cocks
Keiran keeps scaring away all of his sister's friends. His sister knows that one of her friends is tired of small cock and she wants the big stuff. She decides to invite this girl over to try out her brother's cock. Audrianna realized she was over her head when the cock was bigger then her arm...but she still took it..
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May 24 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 10:27 ]
Jamie and Kylee want a bigger toy to suck on
Jamie and Kylee wanted to have some fun. They decided to find things to stick in their mouths but nothing was satisfying enough for them... That's when Jamie's brother's friend, Keiran showed up. When the girls told him about what they were doing, Keiran gladly let them know he had something to stick in their mouths.
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April 29 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 13:40 ]
Marie McCray overwhelmed with pussy juicies from big cock
Lindsay knows Ralph cheats on her but has no way to prove it. She asks her best friend Marie to help her out by seducing Ralph so she can catch him. Marie tries to stick to the plan but when Ralph showed her his cock, she changed her mind. That cock was the biggest she had ever seen and she wanted it in her tight little pussy.
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March 11 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 08:04 ]
Alexis Love getting her tight young cunt fucked by a big hard dick
Alexis' friend's dad Alec Knight, caught her masturbating to his porn magazines. She said that seeing all those big cocks made her horny. Alec wanted to nail this horny little bitch badly, so he showed her what he was packing. She got even hornier and begged him to fuck her tight wet teen pussy hard!
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February 21 2008
Posted by BigBoobs  [ 23:48 ]
Petite Chase Evans curious to find out what a big dick would do to her young pussy
Chayse was having a pleasant afternoon playing hop scotch with her friend, that's when Criss interrupted her game. Although she wasn't upset when she let him play because she saw the size of his dick through his pants. The thing is with theses teens is that they love big cock but they are very shy.
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Posted by BigBoobs  [ 23:46 ]
Tiny Stephanie Cane welcomes the new big dick in the neighbourhood
Stephanie was told about this new guy in the neighborhood that has a huge cock. So she thought it would be a good idea to have a private party with that big cock and invited him over. This guy's cock was so big, she was afraid it would split her in half but she still took the whole thing inside her tight pussy.
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